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i found this book at my girlfriends college's library. its called "the sidelong glance of a pidgeon kicker," and its fucking amazing. i'm fully obsessed.
only problem is i cant find any more books by the guy and there's little to nothing on him on the internet, not even a picture. all i have been able to gather is that this was his first book(which means it might be his last), he was 26 when he wrote it and it was turned into a movie, which is also obscure. thats all i got.
what makes things even more confusing is that there is a another writer named david boyer who has published a couple of books. but his first book called Kings and Queens came out in 2004, while the guy i am looking for published pdigeon kicker in 1968.
does anyone here know anything about this author!? if not, i recomend you go and try and find his book. its out of print and rare and expensive but maybe your local library has it. shit so good.

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