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i picked up three of his books used in hardcover. they were: naked, me talk pretty, and holidays on ice.

any opinions on this guy? it was a blind suggestion from a friend that i try him out.
"i might like," he said.
"i might not," i said.

so i bought the books. don't tell him.
sedaris is an articulate guy. his sense of humor is a bit dark, and also fresh. I'll be interested to read your take on him after you've read him.
he seems like a very observant and aware writer when expressing himself. i'm juggling books, almost done with sirens of the titans by vonnegut, and also started me talk pretty one day.

life sucks. masturbate moreee.
For those familiar with his books, I think you'll find his latest piece extremely interesting, sad and funny. I think it's one of his finest stories.

For those who don't, this is a pretty dark one, but you'll get the flavor.
Bought Sedaris' latest for my father. Had him laughing his ass off. Funny, insightful, not full of himself...

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