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I just picked up a used first edition paperback of this book and when I put it up on the shelf I noticed that it's bigger than my other paperbacks. In fact it's as big as my hardbacks. I have a first paperback of burning and it's not that big. Why and when did they start making them smaller. More cost efficient? Just seems weird.
That is one of my favorite until this week I started reading Play the piano drunk.. but I noticed a difference from his later poems.
Hmm, my paperbacks of Burning and Days Run Away from Black Sparrow are the same size. Even my Buk paperbacks from Ecco have the same size as my as my paperbacks from Black Sparrow. Most of them are later prints though.
I recently procured a 1st wraps ed. of South of No North, and it is larger than my beatup reading copy from about 1988. So, between my 1973 being larger and your 1974 being the same size, it sounds like we have pinned this down. Except for the exceptions, of course.
You know what? I think I've noticed something similar. The public library in Los Feliz has an early printing of Post Office that's always in constant circulation through holds and whatnot, but I saw it sitting on the hold shelf one day and took a look at it.

Though the cover has long been "permabound" (or whatever they call that slick orange cardboard cover), you can still plainly see that it's an early edition. It seems larger (I want to say slightly WIDER than the standard edition), and the typeface/typesetting is completely different - spaced closer together on the page, etc.

It doesn't seem any thicker, though.
The early books were slightly larger. I think South of No North was the last one before the smaller format took over.

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