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Found the bungalow(s) today...neat spot...

Found out I live in the same block, south.

That makes me BUK'S NEIGHBOR.

There's a decent unit across from the bungalows on De Longpre,

Maybe I should move there??

Anyway it was neat, that part of L.A. has a mellow vibe

And doesn't appear too sewer-like.
I think that is wonderful, you SHOULD move and post on youtube like socratease said. You already have one viewer! I just finished reading "Women" and I have such a vivid sense of what went on in his apartment I'm sure any place he lived would be interesting, even the bungalow.
sordid delongpre now!

Anyone read about the bungalows being leveled?
(Foundation rot from red wine and fumes?)
They needed paint, read the lot is for sale for like, 1mil+
Maybe if someone puts in a new apartment building
They could name it accordingly
All in all I can understand it being torn down tho
The bungalows are neat...old, but neat
Yes, they did, and they fixed up Buk's bungalow. I don't know about the rest of the Bungalows...
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IIRC, at least one of the courts or apartments that Buk lived in for a reasonable period of time was flattened by an earthquake in the early 90's and the whole block as been redeveloped. (I think I read that in Sounes.)
That section of neighbor hood still looks pretty OK, esp/ compared w/ the Blvd west of 101
Not bad rent either...they call it "Little Armenia" fine by 2 very nice apples for 69 cents there today...

Still seems a bit weird 2 me;
I live between Kingsley and Normandie, same side of street even, as the De Longpre bungalows... just further south.
I don't know about California laws, but in Oregon buildings on the National Historical Register (or whatever it's called) can be torn down. You need a dozen lawyers and architects to change a door, but they don't care if you level it. Witness the Oregon State Hospital J Building, site of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest film, which is now being demolished. I don't quite get why they would protect the details of a historic structure, it's "character," but not the structure itself. Developers must love laws like that.
In Sydney we have a bizarre thing termed "facadism". They bolster the front of a historic building with RSJs, demolish the rest of the place and then construct a modern building behind the original facade. It's an attempt at compromise that in the end satisfies nobody -- except the developer.
RSJ = rolled steel joist. A girder or beam with an I profile, like this:


Here's an example. 19th century produce market facade behind which is late 20th century retail topped by residential.

that practise in common here in Halifax. there are 2 major projects now undergoing that process.
Didn't know Carlton Way fell down...Sh*t happens, here in L.A. While De Longpre has that well worn feel, Been looking around Silver Lake/Echo Park too...

Pretty nice neighborhood, sorta upper-middle for Los Angeles; It's neat and kinda odd how much the vibe can distinctly change from one 'hood to another. Big difference.

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