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Dear Mr. Bukowski and a Drawing (1 Viewer)

It's crisis everywhere, it seems.

Dear Mr. Taxman sent me a letter, so I need to sell some stuff off.

I will put these on eBay in a week or 1, 2 but would first like to see if anyone here is interested so these will stay in the family, sort of..;)

Dear Mr. Bukowski is the GERMAN edition, 1979, published in an edition of 100... Ah well, I suppose you know all that.
The cards look beautiful and are clean, the corners of the folded card stuck a little bit together when I opened it (after a few years) and are a tiny little bit damaged on the inside, an area of 1 or 2 mm2.
The envelope is a bit oversized for the cards so it is creased a little bit on the left and right side. I'm thinking of $300 for this one, but am open for offers.

I posted a thread with photo about the Drawing earlier this year. Now I scanned it. I bought it years ago from Waterrow, Bukowski made these to be included in a catalogue by Mr. Weinberg (that must be Under The Influence) but this one was not used. A very similar one to this one was sold on eBay a couple of months ago. I remember it sold for $600 or so. I will sell it to the highest offer here, starting at $450. Is that OK? The drawing is felt pen on letter-sized thin paper, looks fine, is unframed but deserves to be.

I'm in Amsterdam, but don't worry about the cost of sending these safe across the Atlantic, I'll pay for that.

Any questions, or if you need a more high-res scan of Dear Mr. Bukowski, let me know and I'll mail it to you.

I won't be behind this computer much until the 9th of this month, so you'll know why I might seem quiet...


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OK, drawing is sold to a friendly forum-member here...
Hesitating now if I should put Dear Mr. Bukowski on eBay...

Anyhow, thanks for looking.

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