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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part











Just so folks know, I started that one at $250.00 and expected $250.00, but then things got weird... Completely out of my control...

And Roni, I managed to sneak that one out of Berlin without you knowing it... or maybe you did...

And the shipping was less than $5.00...
Congrats on the sale, Pogue. It's totally okay, like ski said.

If anybody's interested in a cheaper version of this, just pm me or email.
I'd like to know more history behind this one. In my stupid opinion, Black Sparrow could have sold 15 editions of this one and Ecco could do 15 more. This was the first time I saw the whole package and I thought it was brilliant... A lot more brilliant than Five Postcards...
Look at the story again. That's not exactly up Martin's alley. He probably washed his hands after he read it.

If you cut everything out of that that he cut out of the later books, all you'd have left is the first page.
I'd like to know more history behind this one. [...]
It's been a limited piece of art from the BSP as we know it.

Benno Käsmayr from Maro once told me, that when he was in LA, visiting Hank (in 1980 I think), he was shown the thing and immediately felt the urge to do this for Germany as well. (Buk was okay with the idea, by which I mean, that he probably didn't really care.) Then came the hard business-talk with Mr. Martin to fix the deal. Musta been quite some work to get permission. Finally he got it for a limited edition in smaller size which now is this item.

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