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I know that we are talking about sending money to Europe, but I can tell you that Wachovia now charges $75 to process any money orders from outside the US, regardless of dollar amount or if it is payable in US dollars. If I was depositing a $5000 money order, I'd pay it and complain. I recently received an international money order for $200. I ended up having to send it back to the person as I was not about to give half of it to those fuckers. If the banks in Europe are as predatory as the banks in the US, it would not be worth it for Benno to take money orders as they will likely take half of the money (18 Euros is what, almost $30 of the $78). Paypal would be best for him, if there is not something that is holding it up on his end.



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Bill, you bet the banks here in Europe is as predatory as they are in the US. Especially when you have to send money from a non-EURO country to a EURO country (not all the countries in the EU has the EURO). I bought a yearbook from Roni about a year ago and the 18 EUR the bank charged was more than I payed for the yearbook!
I think Paypal is the only reasonable solution - and the most sensible...
ah, yes.
i already PM'd those, who PM'd me for a definitive buy of the the 'Dear Mr. Buk - only'-version.

This one will ship insured for 8.50 EUR to the US as well as inside EU.
that's a total of 58,50 EUR (ca. 92.- USD today).

the bigger package needs to be weighted, so I dunno at the moment.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Great, Roni! I want the "Dear Mr. Buk - only" version too! Do you have a Paypal address I can send the 58.50 to?
you can send it to Benno directly. (via paypal that is)

am a little out-of-head for business right now. maybe you'd pm me tomorrow? i'll give you the details then.
(ehm, or a day later due to being hungover tomorrow. but nevermind: we'll make it. somehow.)


"The law is wrong; I am right"
That's just awesome, Roni! Thanks a lot! I'll PM you in a day or two when you're back to normal..;)
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[...] when you're back to normal..;)

i AM back to normal.

you may rather wait for me to be certifiably sane, which isn't "back to normal".
at all.

but i got your point, of course. (which was mine too.)
so, c u around on Sunday.
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"The law is wrong; I am right"
LOL - Ok, I'll wait for you to be certifiably sane in a couple of days..:D
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hank solo said:
I think this is pretty much fixed. Okay?:rolleyes:

baby, i'm online again now, [YEY! hurrayyy!!!] - (don't know if the technical probs are solved for good) but will Go (=leave) now anyways.

not sure what's solved/fixed here.
but it's okay with me.
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(Marvin in 'Hitchhiker' book-no1)

good night !

hank solo

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Reaper Crew
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roni, thanks for putting this together. Fantastic.


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Yeah, I didn't chime in my thanks before, but here they are now; thank you. It was great to have an opportunity to pick up on the reprint.

Father Luke

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I ordered mine just a week, or so, ago.
It just arrived.

Along with a poster like this one. . .


WoW !

My turn to say:

Thank you so much roni !

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