Death Comes Too Slowly... - Canto Vol. 1 No. 3, 1961 (1 Viewer)

"Death Comes Too Slowly Like Ants Taken to a Fallen Fig"


mirrors enclose us, I said to the croupier, with the scenery of our despair​

I slapped a filthy and shuttling thing that ran across my mouth. the cat
leaped and snatched it up as it spun upon its back riflng and kicking its
thousand legs.​

George Raft walked in. hello kid, he said, back again? I placed my last
few coins upon the chest of a dead elephant South and West of Denver, and
the lightening flared, they were stabbing grapefruit in the backroom, some-
body dropped a glove and the place, the whole place, went up in smoke.​

we walked to the car and fell asleep.​

from Canto Vol. 1 No. 3, Winter 1961.


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Not one of my favorites, but interesting.
Mange TAKK!
is this really a complete poem? the same magazine also includes 'the night I nodded to George Raft in Vegas', which was collected in What Matters Most, but in that book 'Death Comes...' is the last part of 'the night I nodded...'. also George Raft is mentioned in both, of course.

anyone have scans of the other poems from this issue?
I think you're right. Though I haven't seen scans of the other pages, the poem in What Matters Most seems to answer the question (mangled as it is).

It would have been a great title though...

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