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This clip art Modernist representation of Deep Purple and an orchestra is so can see why the kids coming out of design school make the big bucks...

Oh come on, you phoned it in, like you do with all your design work for Deep Purple. Don't think we don't all notice, and don't think the boys' feelings aren't hurt.


and who knew Greek was spelled with two 'e's! thank Christ I had 3 assistants, or else that one would have slipped by. and it was caught by the one that doesn't speak English. but he ties my shoes really well. something new for his resume...
When asked if there are any plans for DEEP PURPLE to record a new studio album soon, the band's vocalist, Ian Gillan, replied, "I guess it's about time, isn't it?! So we're gonna get together and have a writing session quite soon. And if we get excited, then we'll probably have another [album finished and ready for release] shortly after that. We'll see how it goes. But there's no plans. But I think we're getting poked by various connections who would like to see another DEEP PURPLE record. So I think it's about time."

The last one (REMEMBER!!!!!!!) was 2005.
I have 10 songs ready for them that make an analogy between large machines (mostly cars) and cocks, and a couple each about wizards, weather, hepatitis and mysterious men on top of mountains - oh yeah, and one about getting old and being sad at the realization that it's necessary to leave your wife and kids for a young girl (the ballad), so I think they'll have enough material. No worries there.
In the old days you'd had to include 20-35 minutes for Ritchie to beat the shit out of some guy behind the camera. I miss those.

Still, this is a fitting description ;)
The sad part is the guitar player is really good but Jeepers Deep Purple??!!
Why join a dinosaur who hasn't done anything since CD's (hold on maybe even 8 tracks) were invented.
Stranger still is what the old guitar player Blackmore is into?? Good news Roni is they have about 10 nights in Germany in July

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