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some douchebag trolling ther internet for forums to post this. While I'm sure that I agree with what he says, I refuse to read it, as that is his goal...

Find a political forum, asshole....

He originally posted a long political rant about Iraq. Clearly the only thing that he knew about Bukowski was how to spell his name. There was nothing that had anything to do with Bukowski or literature in the rant. Just a guy looking for forums to post his political opinions on. The "Idiot" comment was a creative editing of his post... You gotta check the forum 10 times a day to catch this before the moderator removes them. I always like catching them before he gets a chance. That is an advantage of living on east coast time!



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Ha. Well, I've done some voodoo that has put an end to most of the spam posts, but this one was a little weird so it flew in under the radar.

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