Did Buk hate his own nature? (1 Viewer)

Buk said that he wanted to be portrayed as a dirty old man, and we all seem to love him for that gritty dirty mind of his. But did he really some times hate that part of himself? I wonder this because in the poem Three oranges The speaker states "I will never forgive him for that, his trick that I am stuck with" when referring to how his father would put sex into situations where it does not belong. A friend just told me about a story Buk wrote about how a man would carried around a cage with people in it who he could not stop from having sex all the time (I dd not read this story I was only told about it from a person who could very well missed the whole point, so tell me if Im wrong about this) I wonder if the cage is not an example of how Buk's mind worked. It also just makes sense that always thinking that way would be annoying, just imagine if every time you used a key you could not help but think about sex, that would suck. I know that you are supposed to separate the speaker from the author, but I don't think that Buk could help putting himself into every thing he wrote, that's why I wonder if he hated those dirty tricks of his. I really don't know about this, so let me know what you all think.
no, I think he embraced who he was entirely. It's possible though because we all have our insecurities but Buk hated falseness. I guess I should use the word fake. For some reason this thread made me think of the Fuck Machine story in South of No North. Don't ask me why.

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