Did he ever meet / discuss Ayn Rand? (1 Viewer)

I've recently discovered Bukowski and was wondering if he ever met with or read Ayn Rand. She emphasizes production and creativity and that's all Bukowski ever did. I just saw a documentary: "Born into this" and was immediately turned on by his rawness.

I don't think Bukowski would have cared for Rand.

"... pleasure, to you, is a liquor-soggy brain, a mindless slut, the stupor of a moron who stakes his cash on some animals' race, since pleasure cannot be moral."

John Galt rebuking the looters in "Atlas Shrugged".

Very interesting you make a great point, thanks to you both.

I find it interesting that in the movie Bukowski said that people, in general don't interest him and that people are just products of the machine, which is what Rand also discusses, except she doesn't exclude of the world.

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