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Yesterday, at the local B&N, I came upon a couple of young ladies perusing the poetry section. The first one, a slim young blonde, was having trouble deciding which Buk book to buy. Her professor read some of Bukowski's poems in class and she fell in love with them. She asked me for my opinion, since I said I am a big Buk fan. I gave her the lowdown on all the books there were on the shelf. She had it down to Pleasures of the Damned and Sifting Through the Madness for the Line, the Word, the Way. I said she really couldn't go wrong with either, or any for that matter. But that Pleasures had a little bit of everything in it. While Sifting was the book that lit my Buk flame for all time. She chose Sifting.

The second girl, also a cute blonde, collected more anthologies than full books by one poet. She heard me advise the other girl. However, she was concerned about the price. Her budget was around $15. I said, "You're in luck!" She picked out Mockingbird Wish Me Luck for just that price.

It was a good day. I brought two new Bukowski fans into the fold. Even told them about the site. Could I have done much better than that?:cool:
I brought two new Bukowski fans into the fold. Even told them about the site. Could I have done much better than that?
I'll have to refrain from answering that until they show up here...it could go either way, you know.
He's right. The girl going with your suggestion is a big green light, A O.K., let's go! Now if she reads this you get nothing.

The suggestion you should have followed it up with was, "Bukowski is better to read right before or right after sex with a stranger."
unless the 3 of you woke up naked and badly hungover in a motel just across the Mexican border with a large amount of cash in a Barnes and Noble bag, you failed. miserably.

and I had such high hopes for you, zenguru. I'm not mad, just very disappointed.
Great Zenguru! You had the chance to share your enthousiasm with willing listeners! And good looking ones.
The worst is when you go on a rant with someone who couldn't care less about Bukowski, but you still go on, just because you can't help it.
Then you walk away and feel like an idiot. It happened to me a few weeks ago, I was at my niece's birthday party and my brother plugged me with one of my niece best friend's father, just because he had mentionned the word book. He was wearing an insane birthday hat and he was into pop psychology, how to rip off the community, buying and selling faith.
So I had to start talking about Bukowski, went on to anything else. I went out on the porch for a smoke and put it out in my cake, looking into the fog.
Drinks? Drinks
Did you at least suggest drinks?
The border comes quickly after drinks
Note to self........................... hang out around Bukowski section with booze passport and photo of Hooch...you know, to show you know
That's a very neat vignette, zenguru.

But do you have regrets now? "There is nothing worse than too late."

How true and how common that situation is. Happens all the time to me. I need less thinking and more doing.
Ha! My mom always says "faint heart never won fair lady." Those ladies were fair, to be sure. But I could tell they weren't there to be won.
There's really only one way to redeem yourself, zenguru.

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A short lesson and word to the wise: if you see a woman you like, approach her, tell her you think that she's really attractive and ask if you can buy her a drink or a cup of coffee (whichever seems more appropriate at the moment). 9 times out of ten they'll probably say no (unless you're Tommy Lee or something), but the worst that will happen is that she'll laugh at you or tell you to go fuck yourself, the best is that you just might get laid. It works I tells ya. Most women like a) flattery, and b) guys with the balls to approach them.

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