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I have read all of Bukowski's books many times.

There's a poem that always intrigued me; it's about Jeffers and a woman (a fan) coming to visit him in the wilderness and him slamming the door in her face with a line that goes something like "I have found my rock... now go find yours".

I can't seem to find the poem that Bukowski wrote originally with the reference i speak of above, any help? Did i just make this poem up? Combine a few different poems?

I would also like to read the story Bukowski speaks of in the poem. I searched for Jeffers and that line and found him saying those lines but it's in a poem titled, "meditation on saviors" and i see no reference to the girl visiting him, etc.

Any help is appreciated.
Someone will come up with it. We have a few Buk-savants here.

also, welcome to the forum. Nice to have another Delawarean here. Remember, vote Chris Coons on Nov 2nd. Fuck Christine O'Donnell...


Just for laughs and to broaden my perspective, I listened to some Tea Party radio podcasts. One of them comes from your home town in Delaware. A caller was complaining because the gubberment just raised the fee on deer tags and that was the final straw. Makes you proud, huh?
There's this boring old woman where i work. Every conversation she has with me makes me believe she wasn't born with soul. She loves O'Donnell with as much passion as a hollow person can love someone.

That's enough of a warning for me to go in the other direction.
I have said this before. Delaware is a tiny state (probably smaller than Los Angeles with a fraction of that population). The north (Wilmington and Newark) are pretty liberal and the Democratic stronghold. The south, starting with Dover is VERY conservative with some pockets of hardcore redneck racists. These conservative areas vote on god and guns. They would NEVER vote for anyone that is not white. luckily for my state, even though the south takes up more geographical space, the north if much more populated, so the net effect is that we are a heavily democratic state. Still, the hillbillies complaining about the dear tags and the Obamacare get all the news. I was listening to a special on NPR on the Tea Party and they were interviewing the head of the "Delawhere nyne 12 patriotz" (misspelled on purpose to keep from this showing up on search engines and from them showing up to call us all pinkos). The interview was at a local restaurant that is less than a mile from my house. This guy is a hardcore birther, believes that the president is an undercover marxist, communist fascist muslin that wants to install death camps, etc. Many of these people are mentally ill and need to be hospitalized.

Like most tea partiers, they complain about socialism while most of them are on ss, medicare, etc, etc. They have no problem with white people using the government services, it is black people using government services that bother them.

I got a flier yesterday from one of these shadowy pacs yesterday (pro republican, of course, thanks to the supreme court). i'll post it here. it is by far the most racist political flier that I have ever received. They did not use a racial epithet, but did all but that.

I'll let you make up your mind. I was shocked, but not all that shocked....


it shoudl be noted that the only area in the south that is not like this is Rehoboth Beach, which is a heavily gay friendly destination and because of that, they are far more liberal than their surroundings.
This poem was inspired by Bukowskis correspondence with Sheri Martinelli. You can read about it in Beerspit Night and Cursing, p. 134.

She was the girl who "went to see" Jeffers, although it wasn't that romantic at all, she writes about thinking him "dead" and his "female voice". He "sent her away" (which means, wrote a letter) with these words ("I made my rock you go make yours") more or less. She told Bukowski about it and he must have loved it, because he used it in one way or another in quite few poems or stories if I remember correctly.

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