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Wow. I just did a search for "Charles Bukowski" at Getty Images and some interesting things came up.

First some photos I've never seen before.

Second a typesript from Pulp which seems to be at the Huntington (?) ... Don't know, if I can manage to get the picture in here, if not, second row from above, far right. B. wrote on it:


To Whom It May Concern:

If John Martin doesn't wish to publish this unfinished novel, I would like it published elsewhere.

Charles Bukowski

Above printing is my handwriting".

Then it's crossed out and he wrote: "Martin will publish" above.


PS: Sorry, if that has already been mentioned elsewhere around here.
I think that he was just trying to tie up loose ends with his death fast approaching. It all seems very legal, somehow. There was probably little chance that Martin would not publish his last novel.
yeah, that one is at the Huntington-exhibition.


My thoughts were, that Buk might have been unsure because of the different nature of this novel compared to his other writing and he wanted to make SURE that it WILL be published, because it was so important to him.

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