did this bukowski delongpre court link ever get posted? (1 Viewer)

I was there after this photo and I thought about taking the light fixture on the ceiling. It would have been stupid thing to take. But I found things that will not be missed, like old plaster and some dirt.

They had the kitchen all together when I was there.
This link?

That light and where is the fireplace?
Hey I'll probably be looking for a new place to live soon...and since I just love spending twice as much money on what stuffs worth, maybe I can get on some waiting list to spend 2 grand on a place that ought to be rented for 1 grand? Just a thought....

But cool post.
I take it some people on here think the house should be kept? Was this the last house he lived in?

I don't see real reason to keep it standing. And knowing the beau-rock-racy always wins (sadly) it will no doubt be knocked asunder. Birth, death, and re-birth. Let the house go. They can't demolish the novels and the poetry.

So this has no been made a Landmark. So much for beau=rock-racy always winning. A moment of hope. But what is with this woman calling Bukowski a Nazi, sure he was a cynic on the page, and uncompromising in the honesty of his prejudices, but a Nazi = beneath all those layers of fire we know their was a rose burning.


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