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lothario speedwagon
i had always assumed it was just the spine color... but it occurred to me that the art may be different as well... is it? i'm referring to the books starting, i think, with bone palace ballet, in which all the non-trade editions have art bound in.
Your assumption is right on the money. The only difference between the two is the spine cloth. Owning a lettered copy over a numbered copy of the later titles is actually quite neurotic and appeals only to the most base micro-collectors. (You know who you are and, believe me, it takes one to know one.). The difference is purely superficial and, from a value perspective, hardly worth the extra $$$.
Yeah, but there are only 26 with the pretty cloth!


I think the 'serigraphs' are a poor substitute for the original art in earlier special editions, but I suppose once Bukowski said "enough!" and quit supplying art-on-demand Martin had to come up with something.

It's hard to top a book with a painting by the author in it. Where do you go from there?
that's true, and i hope one day to own one of the books with paintings in them. i do think the serigraph books are cool, especially the eight-legged insect in bone palace (a spiderfly!). i wish the ones i had were signed by bukowski, but such is life, i guess. at least the paper is really high quality and the serigraphs look pretty high quality.

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