Discouragement and inspiration in "Women". (1 Viewer)

I picked up a copy of Women in the bookstore today and have read about six of the book's short chapters. This is my first time reading a Bukowski book and it's both discouraging and inspiring. It's discouraging because I know no matter how long I write I'm never gonna be able to produce a work like that. Even his simple sentences are pure genius. When he pukes in the trash can and leaves the lid off for the alley cat to enjoy the odoriferous bounty which awaits, I was really picturing it. This work is inspiring because it gives me something to work for. I don't have to be as good as Bukowsi; hell, I never will be. What I do need to get over is this need to just get something published and start writing for the hell of it; and I really need to work on my punctuation. I'm glad I came across this forum though. I've enjoyed reading the threads and interacting some with people.
Damn. Nope, I had not seen that one. I can't see coming in stand-offish. That's an interesting thread. I did read pretty much all of the Valdez threads you sent me in reply to my introduction.
Keep reading, there's A LOT of good stuff at Bukowskiforum.com. I've spent my first eight months here mainly reading and it was worth it most of the time.
Don't miss the "forum fauna" series! :DD

P.S. Read Bukowski's books first, of course.

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