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from one of the interviews:

Andrew: It's nice that despite the Bukowski quote you used - "What woman chooses to live with a Dishwasher?" that you still managed to get a woman to live with you and move across the world with you.

Dishwasher Pete: Yeah, I've answered Bukowski's question: an incredibly wonderful, beautiful woman chooses to live with a dishwasher!
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i want to be a dishwasher now, no wait, shit, i am!

how do i get ahead in this rat race,
i figured i would be by reading dostoevsky and bukowski and whoever...

but nobody knows who they are and doesn't care but you guys.

i better go to community college.
I read about this book in the NYTimes awhile ago. The excerpt on his website looks good and as I recall, the review was pretty positive, too. But the last thing I need to do right now is add another book to my rotation. My attention span can only stretch so far......
Teabagging David Letterman

From the s i t e :

When I--Dishwasher Pete--was invited to appear on the David Letterman
show, I wanted to decline the invitation.
I had no desire to be on TV.
But my good friend Jess Hilliard did have such a desire.
So I let him appear as me while I sat backstage.

anyone who gets one over on Letterman gets my nod of approval.


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