Do I have my tickets already? Oh, fuck yeah! (1 Viewer)

Oh my, if you are serious you lose 57 points from your overall score. WTF? That would be like paying money to go hear a concert of the best commercial jingles.
I want to see the guy who rents a full service limo, plus an expensive escort to hang on his arm to go attend. That will be " the night at the Geek Theater".

Red Bull and Grey Goose.
do you guys have your costumes yet? I'm not going to tell you what I'm going as, because I want it to be a surprise.

I hope we don't wear the same costume. that would suck.
Some tickets are $70.00. Is Van Morrison going to be there?
Wonder if there will be a bootleg?
Somebody somewhere is writing or should be writing an entire stand up routine.
I know I am.
If anyone is thinking of making a tinfoil catsuit, I've got dibs on that, so don't show up copying me and steal my rightful 8 bit thunder.
LOL...Your tickets will be waiting at the door.

No, I actually found out about that show on here and thought it was funny.

However, I was a fan of the song, "Pac-Man Fever", though. In a humorous sort of way.
As much as video games have been a part of my life since I was 5... I would never touch something like this with a 10 foot pole. Perhaps a complimentary 25 foot pole.

There are certain groups of people who REALLY shouldn't get together in large groups (ESPECIALLY in the middle of summer!). Video gamers, Baptists, and people who don't wipe their asses are included in there. And, of course, none of those groups are mutually exclusive. Combine two of the three... that's hell on earth right there.

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