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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Here's my second hand stuff:

Yahama CR-220 receiver, probably 30-40 years old.
15 years ago I paid $10 for this tank.
The thing still works.

Pioneer PD-107 cd player, $10. An average cd player.

Kenwood KX-5530 Single Cassette Deck Recorder HX-Pro
Good enough. For free from a friend.

Wharfedale Diamond 7.1 Speakers
New, bought them 8 years ago or so. $180. Great sound.

I change it a bit too often, but for the last year or so, here is what I have set up.

Top left:
Stanton SMX.202 2-channel mixer w/pre-amp (I only use this mixer for my turntables.

Top Right:
Tapco 120 - 12 channel mixer (I use this mixer for everything else)

Kenwood KX-895 Double cassette deck (I use this daily, love it!)

Numark TT-1650 (I have 3 turntables, the other two an old sony and an old aiwa) This numark is the only one with a good needle right now.

Below turntable:
Sony CX355 - 300 disc changer (Found this at out of the closet vintage store on sunset blvd. The only store I've ever seen offer free hiv tests while you shop, that is not a lie!)

Then for speakers, (see picture below)even though just one of these is good for a party of about 150 people I have two of these TAPCO THUMP 15-A speakers. One sits in the living room, while the other brings me the sound in the bedroom! I'm sure most on here, know I love music! I literally use every item above, from cassette deck to turntable to CD changer every single day. I also will plug in an iPod/iPhone into the 2 channel mixer a couple times a day. And as I type this, Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy spins on the turntable, and I still say people did not give that album enough credit!

The only piece of stereo equipment that I regret letting go of is a pair of Cerwin-Vega speakers with 15" woofers. Oh, mama. Great speakers. Not audiophile gosh-this-free-jazz-sounds-wonderful great, but the kinds of music I favor sounded fantastic through them.

They cost me two month's wages when I was 19 years old. I dragged them with me to California and through a dozen shithole dive pads, and still had them when I made my way up to living more - comfortably. Then I lost them. They live at an ex-girlfriend's house now.

Jesus, remembering them makes me want to buy another pair. They'd only set me back two day's wages now (God bless America!), and I could throw the little JBL bookshelf speakers I have here off a cliff.

Thanks Ponder.
The only piece of stereo equipment that I regret letting go of is a pair of Cerwin-Vega speakers with 15" woofers.

shit i had a pair of those and gave them away a few years ago cause i didn't have room for them and was told they were un-sellable.
i bought them in 1980 i think. i sold a painting and blew it all on a receiver, tape deck, and those very speakers.

the only thing i have left from that set is the hearing loss.
That's a good tactic, telling people something is unsellable, then volunteering to take it off their hands. I have to remember that.

30 year old speakers usually are unsellable because the rubber cone mounts disintegrate. But those old C-Vs were well made.
well i wasn't naive enough to give them to the people i tried to sell them to (music stores etc).
after having no luck selling them i gave them to a friend who had a recording studio.

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