Do you think Bukowski hated the Monkees? (1 Viewer)

No, you're thinking of his stint in The Kinks.
I don't think he hated them but he probably felt better when they were not around. ;)
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I thought he hated Mickey Mouse, not The Monkeys.
(sigh)... one last time...

Bukowski didn't hate the Monkees, he was jealous of them. Do we have to dredge up his unrealized dreams of a wacky music/comedy TV show, entertaining American teenagers, getting his mug on the cover of Tiger Beat, and earning a fortune from merchandising yet again ?

Let the man rest in peace.
No, you're thinking of his stint in The Kinks.

Oops, I was mistaken. Bukowski was Drooper in the Banana Splits


Now all serious Monkees talk continues in its own thread...

Then for no apparent reason we started talking about The Monkees
Now that would be something I would watch. Have a guy in that costume acting like he's reading a Bukowski poem.

"there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too tough for him,
Didn't I see this in the uncollected thread...

Tra La La

one Bukowski, two Bukowski,
three Bukowski, four
four Bukowski's make
a bunch

and so do



NB: Authorship not currently proven. :rolleyes:

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