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my wife got me one of these for my birthday a while back:


which is perfect, because I'm both a Peanuts and a Moleskine fan.
I have done most of my writing on a laptop/desk-top for 10-15 years. The change-over felt perfectly natural and I never missed using notebooks. But this summer, recovering from surgery, my laptop was iffy and would crash on me. So I returned to using pen and paper. I am now back at the laptop again and realized I NEED TO USE text files. Because I can't throw out ANY notebooks and that's dangerous for a person with pack-rat/hoarding tendencies.

So, how do you pronounce "Moleskine" ?
I love to look at old notebooks. I do not use them as much as before but I am always happy to find the old ones.
Today, I received one from my son in Korea.
I mostly draw animals in them.
Notebooks is one of the things I am truly addicted to, I feel naked if I go somewhere and doesn't have one with me. And for me it's faster to use notebooks instead of bringing my laptop to lectures, I would never get my notes the way I want them on the computer.
I just got a nice one in leather from Mead for $3 (the local bookstore is going out of business). It is about 5" x 7" and 144 pages, lined. I plan to use it to track my work daily on press matters. I'll start in 2012. It will be nice to be able to track time spent on certain projects.
I never used notebooks in the past, when I had more time to write, but in recent years, I've turned to them out of necessity. I am always so busy, all I have time for is to jot down a few words when I have an idea, and it's generally too short and raw to save in an electronic file or to type up. Just a line or two now and then. I usually use small, cheap spiral notebooks, the kind that fit in a shirt pocket, although I've gotten a few moleskins, larger, as gifts and used them too. Where I find notebooks most helpful is when I'm on a trip and want to make notes of the day's events and thoughts, before it fades. The other thing I do is write short poems in them. When I need a few poems to send to an editor, I go to the notebooks and look for stuff worth typing up. The only drawing I do in notebooks is lame doodles.
number6horse, you asked how to pronounce "moleskine". my girlfriend uses them (i like them too) and we have a running debate/question on how to pronounce it...i say it's "skine", rhyming with wine. she says it "skin". does anyone know???
Enjoying the decline of the British pound today as I just ordered a batch of the notebooks I use for work. They are Quo Vadis and I can't get the ones I like anywhere but from that website. Well, okay, I can get them on Amazon if I want to pay $25 or $30 per (or more). Which I don't. I paid about $8 per today. That includes shipping from the apparently economically depressed UK.

They are tremendous though, and the only notebook I've ever used at work that I can't kill. I used to use the little hard cover Moleskines (I still carry an old one in my purse bag), but the quality of those went to shit when they moved production to China some years ago. Paper is awful, binding is brittle and fall-aparty...disappointing for something that used to be so good.

I thought there was a more recent notebook thread, but I guess not, which is why I dredge up this oldie.
I use Moleskines and I recommend Leuchtturm for German members. Just like Moleskine but a little cheaper and numbered pages. I use them for observations, addresses, shopping lists, leaving angry notes, etc. I keep them but never look at them after they are used.
I use spiral a4 pads for lists and drafting poems and letters. I try to keep to the rule that pads can be broken up and pages removed but notebooks are kept intact.
never figured out whether it was moleskyyyne or moleskin.
yep! They do a few colours, most bright. The yellow ones get a bit discoloured but hey it is the contents that are important. Herlitz are another brand I have used but older bindings tend to crack in the spine. Maybe it depends on the batch.

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