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Of course you do.

The next question is, do you live in the UK? Because this generous offer comes from Canongate, the UK publisher of the book, so you have to have a UK address to qualify.

If that sounds like you, send me a message with your name and mailing address, and if the gods of random chance smile on you, you'll receive your very own copy of On Writing
to cherish as a keepsake forever.

What have you got to lose?

As an added bonus, each lucky winner winner will receive an eight hour Skype session with the book's editor, Abel Debritto. Abel will answer all of your questions about Bukowski, Mediterranean botany and obscure 1970s Ethiopian funk 45s. He will also provide invaluable advice on miniature pony breeding, for those of you who are part of the miniature pony breeding lifestyle.

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL NOTICE: Okay, the Abel via Skype thing isn't really going to happen for you. I mean, it could, conceivably, it's technically possible, what with the Internet and all. But I didn't ask him to do it, he doesn't know anything about it, and frankly, he probably won't be amused by this, so don't get your hopes up. And honestly, I think we all know that his knowledge of obscure 1970s Ethiopian funk 45s is laughably weak, so you wouldn't really benefit from it.
There's still room for one or two UK types to get in on this...the response so far has been underwhelming.
How odd. You just don't say no to a free copy of a new Buk book. The British are a peculiar people. :D
Well, to be fair, no one has said no. It's just that few have said yes. ;)

But I think I have all the names I need. Giveaway closed!
True, they did´nt say no, instead they just ignored the offer - which is another way of saying no. :p
Speaking of stereotypes, there's nothing like a taste of printing lead in your battered fish and fried sliced potatoes (Great Britain's main contribution to the world cuisine :p):

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An occasional fish and chips on newsprint can hardly be dangerous for your health, not compared with car fumes, smog, food chemicals and what have you.
I thought that serving fish and chips on newsprint was done away with some 20 years ago. That looks damn good though.
It was. I think some places serve it on grease-proof paper that looks like newspaper for that 'authentic' touch. I can remember when you used to get a little bit of money off your bag of chips for taking old newspapers to the Fish and Chip shop. It's banned now though for health and safety reasons.
there are no health safety concerns as far as lead, even in old papers that were printed with lead type. The ink does not transfer the lead to the paper. Now it is all offset, so no lead. The only reason to not allow food to be served in newspapers is that they are not food safe. They are meant to be read, so sanitary is not a concern. That being said, newsprint is perfectly safe to use as a food wrapper, printed or not.
Fish and chips can be pretty crap these days, hardly any salt and vinegar, soggy chips that are more boiled than fried, and a giant piece of batter with a bit of crappy quality fish somewhere within it. Pizza gaffs seem to be have overtaken good old fish and chips, they're absolutely everywhere in my neck of the woods, and they're pretty crap too. You could nail the cheese to the bottom of your shoes and walk in them for a few weeks before they wore out.
Tea and biscuits, is there a more perfect match anywhere in the universe? haha. Coffee, I kind of like it, but it doesn't go with anything. A cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to most meals. People drink champagne and wine at restaurants, they should be drinking big mugs of tea, and I bet they'd rather be if they're honest with themselves.
Right... where's my free book? Damn, too late, oh well, I'll pick up a musty old greasy paged copy for a cheap price at some point in the future.

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