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Dodgy? (1 Viewer)

It looks Ok to me. The seller accepts Paypal, so there is some protection there. It certainly is not a first edition, but a later signed, but if you asked me, I would say that it is probably ok. Of course, I could tell more by holding it and looking for the "starts and stops" of the forger. They are not showing up in this. Also, the signature looks right for the time period. If it is real, it was probably signed at a bookstore signing, which did not happen often.

Anyone agree or disagree?

it's tough to say...
the signature is a bit unique looking, especially the BUKOWSKI part (the dot hanging at the end, it's really crammed). If I were to spend that kind of money, I'd want to know much more (i.e. where you bought it, etc...). The little man isn't that difficult to recreate, so it's tough to say overall. It's probably real but I'd spend that $130 on something else...

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