Does any one have a photocopy/transcript of J.W Corringtons essay on Bukowski from The Outsider #3? (1 Viewer)

I'm writing my senior year dissertation on Bukowski's connection with the French Existentialist's (mainly Camus and Sartre) and have seen this essay referenced many times, but unfortunately can't afford to $200 eBay asking price. Also, if you have any suggestions on what else might be usefull on this subject any info would be greatly appreciated. Happy to share the research I've gained so far if interested.

p.s I'm new here, sorry if I've posted in the wrong place

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Thank you so much mjp, I've been searching for that one too.
I was getting my references from 'Art, Survival and So Forth' By Jules Smith in which she writes:
'J.W Corrington's essay examined 'The Tragedy of The Leaves', The Priest and the matador' and 'Old Mans, dead in a room,' linking the poems with the Existentialism of Sartre and Camus, and with T.S Eliots's alienated characters.' and its cited as being from The Outsider #3. Any idea what she's talking about?

I know it's a big ask, so either way thanks so much you fucking hero

[edit] Just re-read your comment, I guess that's the Analysis you're referring too, damn. So, it doesn't exist digitally anywhere as far as you know?
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I've never seen scans of it, but someone may have transcribed it somewhere. You've been looking though, and if you can't find it, maybe it's not out there.

I'll take a look at my copy of #3 later today and see if a scan is possible.
Ah, you are a king amongst men!
By the way if you have any thoughts or ideas of resources for a study of Bukowski as an Existentialist, I'm all ears. (Just asking because, looking at your history, you seem to really know your shit on Buk)

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I thought I'd done this already but I often think I've done things when I haven't. From The Outsider of the Year issue (3?):

outsider 1962.10.JPG
outsider 1962.11.JPG
outsider 1962.12.JPG
outsider 1962.13.JPG
outsider 1962.14.JPG
outsider 1962.15.JPG
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