Does anyone know what Bukowski carried with him on his travels? (1 Viewer)

The most obvious answer to this is of course, his trusty friend the typer. But what was it that he travelled around with him? A travel bag of what? does anyone so intrigued!
He carried an extra set of clothes so he always had clean clothes to wear while he got the dirty set washed.
What else did he carry? I don't know, but probably the same stuff most people carry when traveling...
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... and what brand of toothpaste did he use? And did he sleep on his back, his stomach, or on his side (and if on his side, which side)? What was his favorite deodorant?

Finally, it's highly unlikely that he carried around a "hidden" stash of manuscripts. I mean, come on.

Some of the topics lately are absurd enough to make the was he bi-sexual thread seem like a scholarly pursuit.
DAMMIT ZEN ! I swear..... I was about to post something very similar.

But you beat me to it.

Now you owe me one of those burgers, like in your avatar.
Hold the cheese. Thank you. :)
No manuscripts, no typer. A change of underwear, toothbrush and paste, flask or bottle, cigarettes and matches. That's just a guess but probably not far from correct.
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