Does Bukowski mention George Orwell?

This is a baseless and idiotic assumption.

Olaf, he was just making an inside-joke referring to a very old post somewhere here, where someone claimed Bukowski to be a writer only for 15 yo boys. Or was it a book-review discussed here ...
If I recall correctly (and I probably do but don't remember where I read it) he once mentioned Orwell as part of a chain of "letters" in which Tolstoy criticized Shakespeare, Orwell criticized Tolstoy for criticizing Shakespeare...
Bukowsky says he never really liked any of them (his dislike of Shakespeare seems to have been very vehement and returns many times, I even remember him saying once that his whole goal in poetry can be taken as an assault on Shakespeare)

And as a side note I tend to agree on these verdicts. though I've read almost everything Orwell ever wrote during my teens and found his heart was generally in the right place he is over deductive and quite predictable.