does getting married curb your drinking habits? (1 Viewer)

For me, marriage didn't, but getting older has.
The beer hits the stomach and the stomach hits back.
"does getting married curb your drinking habits?"
It depends...
It depends on who you marry.
It depends on how you drink.
It depends on how important drinking is to you.'
i really don't mind sobering up some,
i think it's best overall,
my wife is a saint for some of the things she had to put up with me doing while drunk,
she doesn't really drink anymore,
just a glass now and then,
i drink more than a glass now and then - but i respect that fact that she doesn't want a drunken idiot for a husband.

marriage is about compromise,
and instead of drinking 20 beers in a day or a bottle of whiskey,
i just have four or five beers a day or a shot of whiskey. (sometimes even less or no alcohol.)
What a great threat!
All of these answers - being so very differnt - have a reason.
There's a lot of wisdom here.
And it's fun too.
My ex-wife was a heavy drinker (she was self medicaing- manic). The only thing that makes me drink more now is the ever abundant stress and pressure of existence.

I love the pressure.
I'm assuming that my drinking cost will increase by at least 1/3rd, thank god she dosen't drink as much as I do...

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