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Thank you all for your different contributions! This website is just incredible for the Bukowski fan I am.
I have a request concerning "Straight on Through", a Burning in Water Drowning in Flame poem (p226-228 in the Ecco edition).
I saw you did some crazy investigation about Jane Cooney Baker. Maybe someone has information about the other women of this poem.

Here is the information I got.
Jane : Jane Cooney Baker (1910-1962) - Bukowski's first love
Barbara : Barbara Frye (???-???) - Bukowski's first wife. Harlequin Editor.
Frances : Frances Smith (1922-2009) aka FrancEyE - Marina's mother. Poet.
Linda : Linda King (1940-...) - Bukowski's girlfriend - Sculptor - "Lydia Vance" in Women
Liza : Liza Williams (???-???) - Bukowski's girlfriend - Poet. Recording Executive - "Dee Dee Bronson" in Women
Stella : ???

All women cited seem to be important in B. life. So I really wonder who Stella was.
Thank you for your help.
Thanks a lot Zobraks!
Do you think it's not a real person in this poem?
It seems strange. All other women are real.
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I'm sure it's a real person: Bukowski mentioned Stella on a couple of occasions in his letters - see the one to Carl Weissner (July 25, 1974) in Living on Luck and the letter to John Martin (June 14, 1980) in Reach for the Sun.
Judging by the former I think Stella is called Nicole in Women (see chapter 21 and on); she's the self-educated, refined women with class. Bukowski calls her "a culture-bitch."
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Stella appears also in :
- Saturday Afternoon, poem from Open All Night (Link)
- Septuagenarian Stew
- Divorce, poem from The night torn mad with footsteps (Link)

Any idea about her identity?

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