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I see what's being illustrated, but I think that it makes the text harder to read; the colours break the 'scan'. I know the idea is to show the changes. Hmm... thinking about it.


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Absolutely no sense at all.
I'm with David on this: JM simply is POEM DEAF and doesn't realize it himself.
He just doesn 't get it.
His problem was that he didn't have an editor himself who could tell him how utterly horrible his edits were. When Buk was gone there was no one left to hold him back.
One good thing though: he took good care of the manuscripts, didn't he? Lets give him that much credit. The manuscripts have, after all, preserved the original poems.
Like David said: he was a good poblisher ($$$) and a bad editor.


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I know the edits don't make any sense - I meant does the color coding of them make sense. ;)

Dr. solo, what about this: first version you see is all black, but there's a link or an option to highlight the changes. That might be a good way to go. Let me try it...


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There are more than 25 comparisons here, and of course in the comparisons forum, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend looking at any of them.

I like the comparison pages that highlight the specific changes:


But they have to be done manually, so the pages are not easy to set up. Which is why some really bad examples we've come across in the past couple years aren't there.

I know as many comparisons should be made as can be made, but I don't have the stomach for them anymore.
It isn't? This is one of Nick Cave's most intense albums!
I'd give Bach's 'Brandenburg concertos' away for 'Slowly goes the Night' and 'Watching Alice' at any given day of the week!

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