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Founding member dog Joe is 10 today.


Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
And some dogs look smarter than their masters. Ahem, just sayin.'

They need to be. Can you just imagine having to convince someone that you really need to take a leak and smile as you beg.

when it was my cat's birthday I'd sprinkle catnip on the rugs and she'd crawl in it for an hour. Another favorite was that you'd chew food to a paste and she'd get it from your lips.

I took 2 cats that needed a home for a couple of weeks from an animal shelter. I gave them a room of their own with a box lined with sheep skin. The first night that they slept here, they walked into my room, took over my Q size bed and walked all over me and my spot became eighteen inches wide. I love those fuzzy things.


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A good looking mutt. Our dog is driving us insane. She's chewing on her paws, probably out of boredom, and now two of them are red and raw. We've tried several methods for stopping the chewing -- sprays, bandages. My favorite is the sock wrapped in duct tape. Maybe she just needs to be doped up. A sweet dog but a handful.


Yeah, a good friend of mine works with an adoption agency for older cats and dogs. And I have to admit that I could volunteer sometime... as sure as the moon sets and circus midgets are ALWAYS out of cigarettes ...

I don't need a car

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