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Nobody has posted here so I'll ruin your cred even more! I hate the idea of playin it,but once I actually do it,its class.Especially playing with custom rules.Like nominating a certain letter to be a "trick" which can be anything.
I think we both need to get out more.
Scrabble is a cool game, but I always lose when I play it. My brain don't werk that way, maaaaan.
i'm a fan of board games
chess (not that good)
horseshoes (oops...where's that eraser)
shuffleboard (lol)
I'm a club chessplayer for 15 years. I'm kinda retired now...I still play on ICC, though.

Backgammon is a nice game to play, especially because I've lack of ambition. But....I'm always working on new systems...Hey, where did I hear this before?
Don't challenging me with chess trivia ;)

I still give chess trainings by the way. Low fees :)

I admit, 1. b3 is a dangerous opening against amateurs.

But to give chess trainings has nothing to you're a GM or not.

It's all about the "click".
Of course it's not about being a GM. What's the "click", btw? Is it the moment when you understand?
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The cllick is when the chess student and the trainer are aware of they're getting along with each other in their opinion how to play chess.

Has to do with personalities...In chess, I'm an attacker and I do prefer to play romantic openings. Openings they played around 1850-1875.
You see the samolf e devolepments in art and literature.

Those antic openings are still very playable. ActuDally you'll surprise your opponents because most of them only follow (copy) the current chess devolepments.

Best example is the 2 immortal games by Dolf Andersen.
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