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$59 starting bid? I'm no betting man, but even I'd bet on this one ending without a bid.

But then there is a sucker born every day....


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lately i've seen the live & home recordings, on cd, going for £7 ($10?), in a large london bookstore, possibly the biggest in europe, and they look like bootleg covers...


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59 $ - what a price!...but on the other hand, it's out of print according to Miles Buk bio...
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i'll tell u this much...
as much as i appreciate my 'collection', if he gets 60 bucks for this cd, i'm sellin' mine!
Take the profits and buy 3 more!! Then sell the other two, make another $120, turn that over, etc, etc... I'm retired in 2, maybe 3 years!!!!
Assuming that VAST well of TERROR ST. buyers doesn't vanish..........................................


"The law is wrong; I am right"
I don't know what you pay for cd?s in the US and in the UK, but here in Denmark they are f...ing expensive. A cd cost 25$ (150 dkr.), a 2-cd album between 35-50$. I actually paid 50$ (300 dkr.) for "At Terror Street..." 5 years ago. Just last week I bought Bob Dylan's "No direction home-the soundtrack" for approx. 38$ (229 dkr.)
That's why I thought 60$ did'nt seem to steep a price considering it's out of print. You lucky devils are obviously used to cheaper cd prices...:)
Last time I was in Europe you are RIGHT. I brought a couple cd's and planned to buy a few over there... CD's are at least 3X what North Americans pay, it's TERRIBLE. Truthfully, the days of CHEAP travel (especially CHEAP in Europe) are over... Tough to get a bargain these days.
I guess if you're in Europe and want cds, the US eBay is the best place to go.
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...in Europe...CD's are at least 3X what North Americans pay...
And North Americans are still paying 3 times more than what the product is worth. The only people who aren't overpaying for pop music are people who steal the music online.

I'm all for the artist getting their due, but 99% of the money you pay for most new CDs does not go to the artist. There are only a few, big shot, notable exceptions, and their music isn't even worth stealing.

The record companies are liars and criminals, and always have been. The internet is the best thing that ever happened to independent artists.

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