downloading a myspace song (1 Viewer)

it's not offered to dl, but i do desire this song.
can someone help me?

the artist put it up for just 24hrs,
i hate to sound like a begger/bootlegger,
i support this artist.

i am being a greedy bitch.

the song greedy bitch, i know father l. said how to do it before,
but i fell flat trying.

There is a browser plugin that lets you rip media from pages like that, but I forgot what it's called...
sorry, i didn't see your post earlier, been busy drinking and had friends down on vacation.
check your email.
it should encase a smile for you.

take good care.

btw, anyone know how to dl music off of youtube in mp3 format?
I'd suggest using Download Helper (for Firefox) as recommended above to download the FLV video from Youtube. Then extract the audio with some other software. I just googled this and there seems to be a few programs that will do that, but haven't tried any so can't say which is the best.

FLV Extract is free. Worth looking here:

You must have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed to run it (available from Windows Update).

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