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I just found them all on youtube. I'll be busy tonight, with that and the Basquiat doc.

I'm classy like that.
This guy is a real pro.

Although I don't really know how much "8 vodka cranberries" is supposed to be, he has great control over his puking system! I know (or either, knew) a couple of guys like this. You can hold a conversation with them outside somewhere and they will excuse themselves, lean into the next bush and quietly and without much ado let it go. Then turn back, light a cigarette, have another drink and carry on the conversation.

watched these last night. pretty funny.

on a side note, whoever thought up streaming online stuff (eg. youtube) through a bluray player is a genius. must've been Steve Jobs....;)
It was!

He invented the Blu-ray format as well. And the concept of streaming data.

And glasses to hold liquids to make them easier to drink. Prior to Apple people drank water from ladles. And chairs -- remember when we had to squat down on our haunches and eat with our fingers? Man, life before Steve Jobs was horrible. GOD BLESS HIM! A modern day Jesus.

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