Dust suds [1966 unpublished poem by a very drunk B.]


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Here you can see B's scribblings in 1966. Again, zoom in on to appreciate those tiny details we B freaks love so much :D


I think it says:
"drunk on this
one. and
** unpublished?
Charles Bukowski
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Now why wasn't that one collected?! These publishers just have no taste.

The writing says "Drunk on this one. And how."

"And how" is one of those olde tyme sayings, like "moxie." ;)


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When I was in the States I remember reading B stories and seeing the word "moxie" quite a few times. At that time I had a very BAD English/Spanish dictionary and that word was nowhere to be found, so I just asked a couple of friends there. Nobody knew what the heck moxie meant. Finally, somebody in the Special Collections Department came up with a good dictionary and explained the meaning to me. He said something along the lines that moxie used to be some kind of beverage supposed to give you strength or something -a kind of last century Red Bull. Then the word was no longer associated to the original meaning -the beverage- but the idea of being strong remained. I think B mostly used it as someone having courage... so "you have no moxie" would be "you're weak", "you have no courage", "you have no get-up-and-go", etc.
I used to drink Moxie, it's still available at least in the Boston area. I'm also familiar with the term "moxie" meaning courage or strength. I will say that Moxie, is a very strong, bitter tasting cola.

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