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Early Bukowski Chapbooks for SALE (1 Viewer)


I was going to put these on ebay tonight, but decided to offer them here first. I need to raise some money (like a lot of people.) If there is no interest today, I'll put them on ebay and will start them close to these prices. I'm in need of money, but not insane! Photos on request.


1) Cold Dogs in the Courtyard: 1965. 1/500 copies. Rusty staples. Otherwise, this one is PERFECT. $325.

2) Confessions of a Man Insane Enough To Live With Beasts: 1965. 1/500 copies. Bukowski's first book of prose. Slight wear to the spine on this one. Otherwise really, really beautiful. The best copy that I have ever seen. $400

3) At Terror Street And Agony Way. 1968. 1/747 copies. Slight (very slight wear to yapped edges. Slight sunning to spine. Otherwise perfect. The insides are as perfect as the day that they were printed. The best copy that I have ever seen of this one. comes in a custom clamshell case. $425


4) Magazine 5. 1972. Ten chapbooks (10-30 pp each) #47 of 500 copies, Housed in a beautiful box (as issued). Includes work by Bukowski, Blazek, Micheline, Kupferberg, Lifshin... One copy (in worn and incomplete condition) is on abe for $189. This one complete, great condition and $150.

Add $50 to any of the above titles and I'll make a clamshell for it.

Please add $11 postage if these are going outside the US. I'll cover domestic shipping. Paypal or check is fine, of course.

There were ~18 of the copies with typos. The 747 copies Bill mentioned are the first printing, second state with the white Krome Kote stock paper label over the misprinted title (above and beyond the initial ~18; according to Krumhansl, anyway). And as Bill also mentioned, he's not insane.
All of you highrollers really should buy from Bill instead of some stranger on eBay. He's not only one of the best editors/publishers/printers on the planet, he's a hell of a nice guy and very honest. I would jump on these chapbooks if I had some loose cash.
man, I'd love to jump on a couple of 'em..but the timing stinks on my part. um, maybe if they don't sell this time around you should re-list them around tax return time...;);)
Yeah I've got a couple items to list come April\May myself... Great deals on these (especially that copy of Cold Dogs).
A fairly nice copy of Crucifix just sold on ebay for $265, if that's just another indication of how things are going generally. I didn't look too closely at it, but it had the wrap-around band and looked pretty nice otherwise.
My copy doesn't show the typo at all. I've peeked and poked, but nothing. I imagine that 40 years of sticking will probably make it impossible to get off. Ah well, I guess I can't fake a typo copy on eBay...
I imagine that 40 years of sticking will probably make it impossible to get off.

I think you're probably right.

mjp's beat up copy:
Maybe it would steam off, like the old Beatles butcher block covers... ;)

But I suspect it's stuck on with bookbinding glue, and it isn't going anywhere. As you can see, some kid tried to pick the label off the copy I have (or tried to bite it off), but it's not easy to remove.

Interesting to note that the Webbs were not always as picky about the glue they used, and some Outsiders from the same era come apart quite easily, because the inexpensive glue has become quite brittle.

(Don't cry for that Terror Street - I got it really cheap, and I probably wouldn't have a copy otherwise.)

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