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Gerard K H Love

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We are having a bit of an earthquake storm in Riverside county. I live south of Banning and I have felt more quakes in the last day than the last six months.

Did Bukowski write many poems about earthquakes?
He mentions earthquakes from time to time.

Try 'earthquake' in 'Mockingbird wish me Luck' and 'tremor' in 'Come on in!' :)
"and in the end there will be one earthquake after another" - the lord. Or the bible, or some dude? Hahha, didn't someone say that.
Wouldn't it be funny if we sent all our earthquake aid to Hati and they we had a massive earthquake in Socal or Nocal?

I hope not!
Yeah, that would be hilarious.

Obviously there is no way the US could come up with any money for earthquake relief here in California once we have sent all the money to Haiti. But imagine what a nice place Haiti will be when they have all of the money! We can just move there and things will carry on as usual.

Or better yet, maybe you can go down first and pave the way. After all, everybody goto move to Haiti someday.

Bon voyage!
Haiti has had multiple catastrophes since 2001. The really bad news is all of the corruption but they still need the help.

I wouldn't want to go there, not with all of the other Caribbean islands to choose from.

Now we have stopped shaking. Perhaps their earthquake took the strain off of our fault.
I was thinking about all the catastrophes and hardships that have befallen Haiti over the years, and starting to get sad. And then.....

The good Rev. Pat Robertson told me that it was their fault !

Boy, do I feel better ! And white ! And privileged !
I don't think I would like to visit Haiti so I am going to pass, even after we repair everything. Bless those building codes!
The good Rev. Pat Robertson told me that it was their fault !

Boy, do I feel better ! And white ! And privileged !

Good old Pat Robertson. God's own agent on earth. Seems like he did'nt learn much from his 9/11 blunder saying civil libertarians and gay rights groups bore responsibility for the strikes.
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I will dance a jig of joy on the day that Pat Robertson's black heart stops beating. He is everything that I hate about religion. I really think that he has turned more people away from Jeebus that to him.

He seems like he'll live forever, but I always say "Everybody gota die someday."

Poor Pat, maybe he's just a fan of The Serpent and the Rainbow . It's all voodoo and zombies down there, anyhow, and now more zombies with the Divine touch of retribution and lack of water and all. You people lack the proper perspective. I don't even know why I waste the time to post my kernels of wisdom amongst you heathens.
I suddenly remember papa & baby doc...
I suddenly remember the photograph above the desk of that fucking old goat who ran this small press in which I unfortunately did an internship. Before becoming a publisher, he worked in the legal and business fields and lived in a lot of foreign countries. He thus spent many years in Haiti. On the said photograph, he was posing with Bébé Doc. They looked like two friends. That made me feel very puzzled and curious, I was longing to ask him the nature of his links with Duvalier Jr. But our own links quickly deteriorated and I guessed such a question would have provoked another argument. I remember how I hated this place, his disgusting presence and when he was not there, that precise photo. I just wanted to turn it over.
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I read Naomi Klein's "No Logo" book and never read another of hers. I just don't agree with her at almost every level, but then I believe in consumption, the more the better.
I was thinking about all the catastrophes and hardships that have befallen Haiti over the years, and starting to get sad. And then.....

The good Rev. Pat Robertson told me that it was their fault !

Boy, do I feel better ! And white ! And privileged !
Well technically -- it was their fault, at least that is what the geologists say.
ABC had a voodoo high priest on their Good Morning show today. He seemed much more ligitimate than I was expecting. It isn't all about curses and black magic-like the movies have portrayed.
Thought all of you would like to know the real reason for the Haiti earthquake!

[Then link to it, don't reproduce the article here. - ed]
The link I listed the other day to Good Morning America (ABC) interview with a Haitian Voodoo High Priest now goes to James Carville discussing the new worries for the Democratic party. That's kind of the same only he's white and bald.
Speaking of earth shakin' Joe Biden's son is not going to run for the senate and another senator is going to retire.
Beau Biden would have a tough time winning against Mike Castle in this anti-Dem environment, even in Delaware (one of the bluest states out there). Not to talk about inside political shit, but Mike Castle (who is a direct descendant of Ben Franklin), is really popular in Delaware, even though he is a Republican and our only Congressman. Beau is young and does not want to lose a race. He has time to wait Castle out and then run almost unopposed. Castle is 70 and Beau is 40. He can wait for Castle to retire in 8 years and then win handily.

So, in 2010, barring anything dramatic, the Democrats will lose the US Senate tothe Republicans.

Well, if it's on Fox News it absolutely positively must be true. Fox is the pinnacle of journalistic integrity... Glenn Beck told me so. And Glenn Beck is infallible and a pillar of honesty and truth... Fox News told me so.

So there you have it.
Actually I go my article from an Iranian website that was warning their people about a potential American earthquake strike on their country and to start to prepare.

I thought it was a cute article -- just think if people really believe this BS, and you have to deal with them -- good luck POTUS.
Earthquakes are a trip. The first time ya feel one, it's a reminder how tiny this planet is. You feel very round all of a sudden.
I just felt the 6.9 centered just south of the border. It lasted close to 45 seconds here and shook quite steady. Now the aftershocks are stacking up from up in Clear Lake to Escondido some 3.4 to 4.5 aftershocks. Happy Easter.

I bet Rob felt that better than we did. I hope you aren't having any damage. My sister is 15 miles south(closerto epicanter) of here and she had things falling off shelves.

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