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Goddamn - this forum is better than Twitter at keeping me informed on California earthquakes. I hope everyone stays safe out there.


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I was on the road and my friend from New Mexico text me "Earthquake?" He said he was listening to a sports talk radio show being broadcast from L.A. and the DJ said, hold on, we're having an earthquake. I thought my friend was smoking crack, till I got off at the dry cleaners and heard all about it! But driving, I didn't feel a thing.

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I was in the car, my wife was driving, and as we waited behind an old lady in a parking lot the car shook three different times hard. I asked, "what the hell are you doing to the car?" I can be such a prick when I'm hungry, especially when someone else is driving. Now the local news has something else to get excited about.

Look at the map, of course this is real time so in a few weeks it could be a whole new look on that link.


Every Californian needs an evacuation route in case "The Earthquake" ever strikes.And whenever you figure that out - COME TO CHICAGO.

The city itself is too architecturally developed for tornadoes to happen and a couple of towers (Sears and Hancock) draw the lightning away.
So what's left ? No hurricanes on Lake Michigan... no worries...

So unless The New Madrid fault erupts tomorrow, my city is a great place to live.

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Bill - The guy in the above video needs to be your new publicity guy for BoS Press.



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Wait, wait...

[Video was removed, but basically said, "I am not doing earthquake or weather predictions anymore." A devastating loss for those of us living in dangerous areas...]


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What a relief. I was ready to go out and stockpile water, canned food and ammunition. I guess I won't need to now.
To have fear while the earth shakes - it's kind of a life challenge. Once I went through an earthquake. You can feel an animal fear inside, because of which you may panic if not to manage it in time. The earthquakes became very frequent recently. I read news about this from one or another part of the Earth. It's disturbing that they do not inform society about this duly.
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