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Hi All,
I have another question related to the poems recited on the 'Born Into This' doco. One gave reference to cannibalism.
A little off-topic, but this made me think of the poem "eating the father" on one of the CDs - was it Hostage?
According to the database this poem has never been published, is this correct?
Yes, it is on the Hostage LP/CD. I don't recall reading it elsewhere:

Here's a transcript, borrowed from another site.

Eating the Father

Well, the father was dead
he died shortly after the plane crash
they waited some time
they were snowed in
husband and wife
the pilot had gone off for help
but the pilot had been gone a long time
so, bit by bit
they ate the father
it was her father
it worked
they were alive when
the rescue team arrived
the pilot who had gone for help
had frozen
when they got back to civilization
they told the newspapers
that they had asked god
and god had said, all right
and they knew that father
would understand
they were photographed
standing together and
I suppose I would have done
the same thing without even asking
but I think a better photograph
would have been of the remains
of the father
something like
an after Thanksgiving
Thankyou for your help with these queries, I appreciate it.
Everybody had something to say on the 'airplane incident'; I found "Eating the Father" rather flacid.
The line "radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men" (Dinosauria), had a much stronger impact on me.

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