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I think this just popped up and am more curious if someone has a Krumhansl 52 to verify if other outside the 50 copies signed exist. This is a signed "Face of a Political Candidate on a Street Billboard" not numbered. is it a steal for $75? is a numbered copy considered less rare than an authentic non numbered copy?

Krumhansl states that an unknown number of copies were printed with 50 of them signed and numbered. It may (or may not) be rarer than the signed copies but it's unlikely that its value would increase just because it's out of series.

And $75.00 is probably a fair price, though the condition of this one doesn't appear to be very good. I don't see where it's being offered for $75.00 though.
Condition is key, and the opening bid is $49.99. Not in the best shape, but $50 wouldn't be bad; sig looks OK to me. To echo Chronic, where do you see $75? That's the printing year, if nothing else.

Seller is some entity with a username of "ecu*dorsucks." What's up with that? Smacks of someone with an agenda against something (Ecuador comes to mind).

Wink and all that crap.
The spelling typo "Not to many..." is repeated three times. Not too sharp a editing job (no offense to the editor...anyone can make a mistake) Or maybe that's how Bukowski typed it and the editor let it stand.
i never noticed that before not having ever owned this broadside. This broadside was put out by John Martin. Was this corrected on later printings of the poem?

It is corrected in my copy of 'Play the Piano Drunk' - a later printing though, so can't comment on the first edition. My Sparrow 30 is hidden somewhere safe (or awol) so can't check it right away.
Another not numbered...

Any help?
I must have brain farted the $75 price for the publication year, the start bid is even lower! Or did i just give away my max bid? crap. Anyway I do own a signed/numbered copy and the 'to' typo exists. I always thought it adds to the charm and havent seen any fixed copies.
I'm sure that there won't be any fixed copies. This was a short run letterpress printed broadside. If this was an error (and not intentional misspelling), then it is unlikely that it was caught until after the run was printed.


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