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Ebay - BSP Bukowski - Montfort (1 Viewer)


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I've never seen some of those pics before. It's certainly a beautiful book!
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The left pic remembers me of a quote from Locklin ?
" They are all living in the shadow of Bukowski ".
... Looks new

I know from a reliable source, that it IS new and exactly as described.
The source is me.

I'm aware, the price seems a little high, but given all the facts about it: condition, last book of BSP, binding and slipcase, only Montfort-book that covers the Whole time of him photographing Buk, extremely limited and never originally for sale, etc., I decided it's a worthy investment for a collector in soon-to-be-seen prices.

I have one myself (the inside-shots were taken from My copy, so I had not to spread the actual offered copy. It literally is a virgin.) and am glad about it.

/end advertisement ;-))

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