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eBay Buk CDs listing (1 Viewer)

Just a warning of possible Buk bootlegs being auctioned on eBay. It's auction #330109541754.

I have been burned on eBay before by sellers auctioning off bootleg items, and this one seems fishy. It's a lot four Buk CDs. I asked the seller (jazznoir) to confirm that these weren't on CDRs and that all the original inserts were included. He responded by telling me not to bid on any of his items. I emailed him again, but got no response. That was a big red flag, so I looked closer at the picture of the CDs, and, unless I'm mistaken, it shows one of the CDs with a "CDR" sticker (it's small and the pic is low-res). I'm guessing he doesn't want me to bid on his items because he does sell bootlegs. I reported the auction to eBay and will see if it's pulled.

Be wary if you come across this. :cool:
jazznoir has been buying and selling Bukowski on ebay for a long time and his reputation is solid. He's one of 6 or 7 sellers for whom I have no concerns about the legitimacy of his listings. It looks like one of these is a CD-R and the rest are legit, but the CD-R looks to be something that's not readily available commercially.
The one in the lower left corner with the pic of Buk and Geogia, he calls "Viking Inn". Never heard of that cd before, although I know Buk had a reading at the Viking Inn. I sure would like to listen to that one!
I'm not sure why he might have replied like that, but you can't argue with 100% positive feedback over 1395 transactions. It's incredibly difficult to maintain 100% positive feedback with only a few hundred eBay transactions. What that tells you is anyone who wasn't happy with what they received was taken care of in one way or another. I bought from jazznoir in the past and wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

The Viking Inn audio recordings that are in circulation are not very good quality. That's one of the final two readings that was supposed to be released on DVD, and the quality on the DVD master is excellent.
I noticed his feedback rating, and took that into account. I was chagrined and taken aback when he told me not to bid on his items. I didn't accuse him of anything and I didn't give him any reason to respond that way. If only one is a CDR, he could pull that and I would more than gladly bid on the other three. I contacted him according to eBay guidelines and didn't accuse him of any wrongdoing. I've contacted other sellers in the same manner and have had more positive interactions--they gladly described their items without incident, and some I bought.

If he is a good seller, and others have had good transactions, why would he cut me off like that? If he regularly sells Buk stuff, and it's authentic, I don't see why he would have responded in that manner. I've always paid for the auctions I've won within a day of the end of the auction.

It is a puzzlement.
The guy has a problem about something, and I don't know what it is. Maybe he has been selling CDRs here and there and no one notices or cares. Maybe he thinks I'm going to pull a fast one somehow. Maybe another buyer burned him and accused him of something...I don't know.

You guys had good experiences with him, which is great, but I ask him a simple question and he shuts me out. Doesn't sound very solid to me, in my opinion.
Without reading your email and his reply, I can't really say why he might have responded like that. Could be that he didn't like the tone of your note, even if you didn't intend to convey any tone, or it could be he had just had a fight with his wife and was in a pissy mood. Like I said, I have never personally had any kind of a problem with him.
My question to Jazznoir:
"Just to be clear before I bid: These are the real CDs (not CDRs) and come with all the original inserts, correct? Thanks."

Jazznoir's response:
"Please do not bid on my items. Thank you."

I've asked other sellers in similar ways and have had no problem with them. I can't see why he took umbrage with my question. I wanted to avoid any misunderstanding, as happened with another auction in which I was involved--the CD I won was on a CDR. He must be really touchy if he had a problem with the tone of my question. Because of one simple question, I can't bid on any of his items at all? And he commonly has Bukowski items? Oy vey.
I just tried bidding on the jazznoir's auction to see how far he'd go, and he's blocked me from bidding on any of his items.

He sounds (reads) like an asshole TDjazz.
If that was the extent of your comunications and he shuts you down like that then he doesn't deserve your money.

Oh, are you in the same country as the seller?
I'm in Australia and have had US sellers tell me 'do not bid!'
That is the only explanation I can think of.
Yeah, I agree that nothing in your message warranted a response like that. If my first contact with a seller was so negative, I would never even consider doing business with him.
Chronic: You and others have had good experience with jazznoir. Have you ever asked him a question? Maybe he just doesn't like questions. Maybe he is selling CDRs and doesn't want trouble. The problem is that he isn't communicating at all except for that one message. It's just frustrating that apparently he does have legitimate items that I may want to bid on.

In the short time I've been on eBay, I've come across several counterfeits, so I was just being cautious. I'm thinking of quiting eBay anyway--it's just too much trouble!

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