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eBay comes through with nice 1st Post Office PB (1 Viewer)

Well, after a couple disappointing misses on eBay (ordering the HC, getting the SC, etc. etc.) I struck a little gold with a nice first PB of Post Office. It's an ex-lib, and has a grungy cover, but given that's it's a 40 year old book, I'm pretty pleased. Also, I got a good deal, so win all the way around!


PS -- Please forgive if this should be in a different section, or if I jacked up the pictures somehow.
Sure, it's grubby on the outside, but that color title page is still cool. I'm a sucker for Ex-Library books. They look, feel, smell truly used, like people really enjoyed them, and they have a history.
That is funny that this book was from the Talbot County Free Library in Easton. I was in Easton the other day and have to go back again this week.

1971 was surely a different time. i could not see a book by Bukowski in an Easton library today...

Yah, the color page alone is worth it, and an ex-lib that isn't just falling apart can really be special. Not that I'd say no to a mint copy, mind you.

And I agree with you Bill that libraries as a whole have surely changed tremendously. Here in Denver, it seems like people use the library simply as a free dvd rental facility vs. tracking down some great weird book. Sigh.
Nice find Kilgore; color page is very pretty (aren't we sick?).
I've gotten into collecting the rarest, where you have to be anal careful holding it,
but man, I got to admit, it's cool to own a first that you're not only unafraid to pass around at the bar,
but feel good knowing that that's what the copy is for...
(Yeah, I sold a first hardcopy with signature that was ex-library that I wish I had back.....
an Aussie here has it)
Indeed, any color title page gets me a bit damp. Being able to thumb through it is a good thing. The textured cover on early wraps copies of Post Office is a very nice touch.

I even love my 2nd-17th printing BSP reading copies. Well-concieved books are beautiful things and BSP did it right.

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