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It seems that some people receive discount coupons via email (usually a word to be entered before payment) which is used to save money on shipping. Some people say they've used the same coupon several times, thus saving up quite some money ($5 maximum per payment).

Have you ever used these coupons? If so, how? I mean, did you receive those emails with the key words to be entered before the payment was made?
No idea how that works. Maybe something from the seller's end? I don't know in who else's interest it would be to subsidize shipping costs...
from what I've read here and there, Paypal sends the emails with the key word, so I guess it's safe to assume Paypal does pay those coupons.
PayPal and eBay are the same company, but I get what you're saying. Maybe it's done then as an incentive to use/sign up for PayPal. Whatever the reason is, it benefits someone financially, or they wouldn't do it.

It's actually not even much of a payout considering in my business companies routinely pay up to a year's revenue to get an account. So say a service costs $10 a month, the company will pay $100+ to affiliates for referrals. Insane.
Paypal occasionally send out coupons like this. They also end up being published on the web. I have used them to get discounts on shipping as well as on purchases - ususally 10% or something. Worth doing, particularly on expensive hard back Black Sparrows from overseas :D

Have a search here for PayPal coupons from time to time:


They have one at the moment, i think its for UK customers only tho, but worth a try. Check ebay on the site menu.

I expect there are similar sites in the US etc too.

More info here:

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