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ebay find of the week #2 (1 Viewer)

here's an interesting carl weissner letter. i didn't mean to purchase it. i only placed a bid to mark the auction. mr. roberts, if you woulda bid like 50 cents more you woulda took it...




Yep, you beat me on that one!

Was the letter sent to D.R. Wagner? That makes sense as he worked with Tom Kryss. Also, he was friends with Jim Morrison (Although he had dies earlier), so maybe that is the rock group connection...

all i can say, is that Wagner IS in that anthology.

interested in a scan of the first ed of this one?
but are you aware, my offer only covered the cover?

chronic is the master of www.collectingbukowski.com and shows only covers of first editions there. that was my idea.

if you're interested in the contents of only one (or maybe two) poet(s), i'd give in and scan them for you.
but then - they're in german translation. so there's only little use, i guess.

what i could do, is scan the end-credits of it, where the authors are described.
though this is in german too, they also mention the original appearence of the pieces published in the book. maybe this would be of more use, is it?
oh yes, the cover would be just fine. i was aware of why you offered the scan to chronic, but i thought it would be cool to see the publication that resulted from the letter posted above.

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