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I understand all the Harry Potter books are available on Pirates Bay.

Well, I liked Black Swan's Post Office painting a lot more.

You know, there's just something about having a book.

I can read it waiting for a bus,
read it on the can,
carry it to make me look smart, etc.

I just don't get into the internet-reading thing so much.
maybe I'm an aberration.
maybe it's been discussed before,
I don't know.

Seems they have quite a few of his books...

It's beyond me why anybody would pay 8-14$ for a Buk ebook, when they can get the real thing for about the same price...
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Working with the blind we use a lot of ebooks with software that reads the material.
I read a Post Sec publishing survey study yesterday that indicates more e material will be introduced.
Sure it saves paper but heres the ultimate goal. If you have a virtual campus with virtual books you can set up shop in another country online. I can get a degree from any university in the world and still stay in my basement.
We have yet to have a braille request for Bukowski but I'm waiting.

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