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Looks like Ecco is coming out with a quintuplet next month...

It's rather painful to see those books bundled into some sort of generic Costco Consumer Pak. It reminds me of the days when you would see some great albums in the store for $3.99 with SUPER SAVER or whatever printed on the cover. It's all just product.

I'm a bit baffled as to why they stuck the Barfly script into Factotum's place in that collection (or why the "average" Bukowski reader would want to read Barfly at all, for that matter), but what the hell, right? Just throw the shit at the wall and see what sticks.

Odd enough that they include that title, odder still that they are using the Paget cover. Maybe they used images from a Google search. It wouldn't surprise me, since the whole thing seems to be the work of someone who doesn't care about anything but watching the clock and waiting for quitting time.
I saw a bundle from Ecco they did for some Bookstore Day thing. No imagination, even though it was a limited edition box set of books. The bundle just didn't make any sense and was mixed with non Buk stuff. It seems to me this publisher knows little to nothing about promoting the old Black Sparrow shit. I love the Record Store Day promotions and they should take a lesson from that.
If they had to do it, they could at least have made it a six books in one containing all of Buk's six novels. Whether it's five or six books in one, it's going to be too thick a brick to be handy and if it's glued and not sewn it´ll probably fall apart sooner or later.
I guess I assumed the FIVE BOOKS IN ONE here was an e-book release...I don't know why, but it didn't occur to me those might be actual books packaged together.
Oops! It never occured to me it could be an e-book. :fool: Still, it would make more sense to make a six books in one e-book comtaining Buk's six novels.

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