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#ed t-shirt (not signed :>) (1 Viewer)

I think "official" is questionable. Official how? Who authorized it? It is officially a tshirt, I can't argue with that.

It isn't that rare though, you'll see them on eBay from time to time.

And no, it isn't dumb to let people know about things on eBay. But I've regretted doing it a couple of times. ;)
The fact that they are listed as "copyright L. Buk" makes me believe that this may have been authorized by Linda Bukowski/Black Sparrow Press as most people would not produce a bootleg t-shirt and then list the copyright on it. I can't imagine anyone with the balls to ask linda permission to do a t-shirt right after her husband died, so I would guess that they would have received permission from Black Sparrow. If they had bootlegged this shirt, they would probaby not have listed it with Linda as copyright holder. Still, it is a T-Shirt.... The fact that it is limited to 200 does not increase its value.

I know that I saw a picture of Raindog wearing one of these, so it probably actually was printed at the time of Buk's death, and probably came out of LA...


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